5 Tips Form The Happiest Couples in The World

Hi couples!

I’ll give you some tips to be the happiest couple in the world!!!

-Couples are curious about each other. They ask questions and  they remain open to trying new things.

-They create time apart and time together, both are vital, necessary and precious.  Too much time together can make people feel that they are losing their individuality and their personality.

-Happy couples continue evolve and grow everyday.

-They can talk openly bout their struggles, as well as the positive things.

-Couples discuss, share, argue, and disagree. They talk about things that are important to them.

5 tips to make a good relationship Great

What do you think of your relationship? It’s good but could it be better?

Then you got to the right place!

I’ll give you 5 tips to make your relationship even better!!


 1 Create a weekly ritual to check in with one another


2. Do the things you did the first year you were dating.


3. Get creative about the time you spend together.


4. Become an expert on your partner


5. Keep it sexy